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About Kot Kapura

Kot Kapura is largest city in Faridkot District of Punjab state. The, city apart from being large, is also one of the most developed cities of Faridkot District. It is equipped with basic infrastructure in all the key areas. Kot Kapura also enjoys unique distinction of being home to one of the largest and best cotton market in India. Owing to which it is also popularly referred to as ‘City of white gold across Punjab’.

About Kot Kapura
Kot Kapura

History of Kot Kapura

Although not much comprehensive information is available about Kot Kapura’s history, but few details about its founding are certainly known. Kot Kapura town was founded by local king ‘Kapura Brar’, after whose very name this town is named after. Kapura Brar’s uncle was also founder of Faridkot kingdom. There is also a very interesting anecdote about Kapura Brar and Guru Gobind Singh - 10th Guru of the Sikhs. Guru Gobind Singh is believed to have requested Kapura Brar for letting him to use his fort to wage military war against powerful Mughals. However, Kapura Brar fearing ire from Mughals, refused to help Guru Gobind Singh.

Economy of Kot Kapura

Today Kot Kapura boosts very encouraging economic fundamentals. This is all thanks to very robust agricultural sector and also to sound Industrial sector. Besides, Kot Kapura’s economy is also benefitting a lot from steadily growing local Service sector. However, it is agricultural sector and to be more precise ‘cotton’ that has huge influence on its local economy. Cotton has always been grown in huge abundance in and around Kot Kapura town, which is also why Kot Kapura is home to one of the largest and best cotton markets in entire India. What makes it one of the largest markets is the fact that not only local farmers, but also cotton farmers from across Punjab state come to Kot Kapura town for selling their cotton crops.Although over the years Cotton may have lost much of its popularity to Paddy and other crops, but much of its popularity is still intact. This is largely visible through innumerable cotton factories operating in and around Kot Kapura town.

K R Cotton Factory
Address: Kotkapura Ho, Kotkapura – 151204
Phone no: +(91)-1635-221423, +(91)-9814800501

Makhija Cotton Factory
Address: Kotkapura Ho, Kotkapura – 151204
Phone no: +(91)-1635-220886

Ajmer Singh Cotton Factory
Address: Kotkapura Ho, Kotkapura – 151204
Phone no: +(91)-1635-220270, +(91)-9855400092

J B Cotton Factory
Address: Kotkapura Ho, Kotkapura – 151204
Phone no: +(91)-1635-221397, 220221

Healthcare Services in Kot Kapura

Kot Kapura town has a very reliable healthcare service in place for all its local citizens. It has sufficient numbers of well equipped hospitals, including modern day Multi specialty hospitals that are laced with very advanced medical facilities. Owing to presence of all these well equipped hospitals Kot Kapura’s patients never have to bear inconvenience of traveling to other cities for their medical treatment. All their major health problems and minor ailments are very well looked after by self-sufficient infrastructure in their own home town. Self sufficiency obviously also exists on the front of basic services, i.e. Chemist shops and General clinics. In fact this town is just flooded with chemist shops and general clinics. At least in all commercial areas they are available in abundance.

Brar Eye Hospital & Lasik Laser Center
Address: Faridkot Raod, Kotkapura HO, Kotkapura – 151204
Phone no: +(91)-9815964870

Rajan Hospital & Heart Centre
Address: Faridkot Road, Kotkapura HO, Kotkapura – 151204
Phone no: +(91)-1635-223133

DR Prithipal Memorial Hospital
Address: Old Grain Market, Kotkapura HO, Kotkapura – 151204
Phone no: +(91)-1635-222165

Singla Eye Hospital And Maternity Home
Address: 1, Fouji Road, Main Road, Kotkapura Ho, Kotkapura – 151204
Phone no: +(91)-9814035510

Chaudary Hospital
Address: Singhpura Road, Kurali, Kotkapura HO, Kotkapura - 151204
Phone no: +(91)-1635-2641144

Transportation in Kot Kapura

Local transportation and connectivity in Kot Kapura are almost as good as any other prominent city of Punjab. Starting with local transportation services first, then auto rickshaws are available in abundance here, which ensures easy mobility of all local commuters. As a result local people here never face any kind of problems either in accessing auto rickshaws or traveling to any local areas. Coming to connectivity, then Kot kapura Railway Junction is connected literally to all the important cities of Punjab. Besides, it is also directly connected to many important cities located outside Punjab state. Some of these important cities are as follows: Amritsar, Chandigarh, Muktsar, Bathinda, Delhi, Jammu and Mumbai. Apart from train services, Kot kapura is also very well connected to rest of Punjab via state buses as well as private buses. And lastly, newly inaugurated Bathinda Airport is located just 47 kms from Kot kapura town. Although Bathinda Airport is still far from being a busy airport, but its services will surely benefit a lot to Kot kapura people in coming years.

Banking Services in Kot Kapura

People in Kot Kapura are enjoying banking services with innumerable nationalized banks and reputed private banks. There is no reason to believe that these numbers won’t increase further in coming years. However, irrespective of whether or not banking services improves further in future, at least present scenario is very much satisfactory and pleasant. Something that can be termed as another feather in the cap of this prominent town.

Canara Bank
Address: Main Road, Moga Road, Kotkapura, Dist Faridkot (Punjab) - 151204
IFSC Code: CNRB0002104
Phone no: 01635-220296

Address: Faridkot road, Kotkapura, Dist – Faridkot - 151204
IFSC Code: ICIC0000784
Phone no: 9876708149

Bank Of India
Address: Opposite Gandhi Memorial College, Near Sangham Palace, Faridkot Road, Distt Faridkot - 151204
IFSC Code: BKID0006549
Phone no: Not available

State Bank of Patiala
Address: Railway Road, Kotkapura
IFSC Code: STBP0000040
Phone no: 01635-223828/220020

Bank of Baroda
Address: Main Moga Road, Near Kotkapura Bus Stand, Kotkapura, District - Faridkot, Punjab - 151204
Phone no: 9815162189

ING Vysya Bank
Address: Near HDFC and Amar Theater, Faridkot Road, Kotkapura 151204
IFSC Code: VYSA0008590
Phone no: 9920644498

Safety and Security in Kot Kapura

Since Kot Kapura is a prominent city, it does have a local police station to ensure safety and security of its local people. Like most police stations, it also takes all the preventive measures to keep law and order under control. Besides, registering complaints of local crimes is obviously part of its routine duty. Crime rates in Kot Kapura city, however, are very low. Owing to which law and order in this city is always very stable and peaceful, and local people never have to bother about their safety as such.

Kot Kapura City Police station: (01635) 220468
Kot Kapura Sadar Police station:
(01635) 220008

Kot Kapura at a glance

Country : India
State : Punjab
District : Faridkot
• Official : Punjabi
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN : 151204
STD Code: 01635

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